Revolution Prep tutors are different than any others because they get more ongoing development than anyone in the business.

Our tutors are part of a team of professional educators, and they have access to continuously updated curriculum. This results in better quality tutors that are more committed to each student’s educational experience.

We are also more selective in our hiring process. Our tutors scored in the top 10% on the subjects they teach and are experts in their fields. Many of our tutors went to the top universities in the country but, more importantly, they have the highest level of energy and passion for the subject matter. We choose our tutors based on their ability to connect and empathize with students and consistently train on these attributes. This means a better connection to students.

As a reminder Savannah got a 29 on her last ACT. She just got her scores back from the 9/9 test. After her 1-1 time with Jason, her score improved to 33!!!!!!!!! She got a 36 on the science piece! She is over the moon and that will make thousands of dollars of difference in her merit aid at every school!!!!!! I am beyond excited and thrilled and will be passing out your number!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!! And please feel free to use our story in any marketing you want to do!!!! Sav was so excited to tell Jason Keller!!!!"

Revolution Prep parent